Come one come all!

I’m beyond excited to invite you personally to a night of worship and Kingdom mischief @ Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters on Sunday, April 10th at 7pm. The content of the evening will juxtapose the greatness of God and His incomparable grace as we seek to reconcile our fallen nature with our completeness in Christ. Our team will lead a few of our original songs which will be recorded live (audio and video) and then we’ll add in a few other, more recognizable, praise tunes just for the fun of it!

Because of the nature of this event, we want those who attend to be prepared to be participants, not observers. We’re inviting passionate worshipers of Jesus Christ to come with full hearts, ready and willing to express their gratefulness to Him out of the overflow. So first off, come prepared spiritually and enter expectantly. But secondly, we want you to come in prepared the join the angels in song! Below you’ll find a link to the 5 original songs we’ll be sharing. These aren’t final mixes but they’ll suffice to help you learn the songs. I encourage you to download these, put them on your phones, ipods, even burn a CD and put it in your car if you have to, so that you come with a voice ready to sing out loud!

The other part of the fun is that since we’ll be filming this event as well, we want you to come prepared visually. We encourage you to dress modestly and try to avoid wearing shirts with names or logos on them so that those watching the video later won’t be visually distracted by what they see. We want as much of the focus to lift off of ourselves and onto Jesus as we can.

On a practical note, because of the limited space at Ragamuffin, we’ll need to make sure we have room for the band, the videographers, and YOU! For this reason the event is invite only and I’ll ask that you RSVP to me personally or via the Facebook event page. If you don’t have my cell number you can reach out via the contact page on this site.

I want to thank you in advance for partnering with us in this endeavor. We can’t wait to see what the Holy Spirit does in our midst as we gather to see His Name lifted up and experience healing and wholeness as a community.