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About Me

If we’ve never met, my name’s Devan Bumstead and I’m first and foremost a proud dad, an undeserving husband, and a grateful follower of Jesus Christ. I work full time at Newbury Park First Christian Church in SoCal and try to write and record music for my church when inspiration hits. I see myself as a facilitator of environments where others can encounter God, using music and story as my mediums. If you attend my church or catch me at a conference, I’ll likely get real with you real fast. I’m grateful for what bold truth has begun to do in my life and I hope that you’ll gain the confidence to lay down your masks with me. You may also hear me talk about Adopt Hope (our non-profit adoption support agency) and our personal adoption story. If you get a chance to meet Isaac, Levi, or Hope you’ll know why! My wife, Tina, and I love adoption so much and we hope we can help communicate God’s heart for it and let it simmer in your soul. Speaking of simmering, I love slow smoked pulled pork and could watch the Jurassic Park trilogy endlessly. I’d love to chat with you about anything on your mind so feel free to reach out!